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Completed Year 12 HSC at Fort Street High School 2011
Mathematics Extension 1: 97/100 
Mathematics Extension 2: 94/100 
ATAR: 99.00

"In the earlier years of high school, Maths was really one of those subjects which I considered to be one of my least favourite simply because of the deductive reasoning that was often involved. My assessment marks then attracted parental concern as they were fluctuating somewhere below the grade's average. Almost for the first time in my school life, I found myself really lost and confused.

I would say with confidence that joining Focus College during the middle of high school was a major turning point in my school life. The tutor (Jimmy) was able to guide me through Maths in a really simple yet logical manner; a strength which I honestly felt teachers in school were lacking. Jimmy's explanation of many complex mathematical concepts was precise to the level where I was able to answer almost any question with utmost confidence. As a student, I was exposed to every different type of question so that in Maths examinations, nothing really stood out as being new to me. I learnt to approach every question with the best method and with the correct examination techniques under Jimmy's guidance. Gradually, Maths became my most favoured of all subjects.

Ever since joining Focus College, I have noticed a sharp upturn in my grades for Maths. My marks immediately rose from merely average to a place in the top ten of my grade in Year 10. I was also able to tackle the complexity of Extension 1 and Extension 2 Maths to maintain that top level in the senior years; a feat which I would not have been able to pull off without Jimmy's help. I would like to thank Jimmy for helping me achieve exceptional marks in my HSC year (97/100 for Maths Extension 1 and 94/100 for Maths Extension 2) and a great ATAR (99.00). As a past student, I would strongly recommend Focus College to any future students who wish to excel academically in school."

In 2012, Edwin successfully enrolled in Bachelor of Actuarial Studies & Science @ Macquarie University

- Edwin Lu

Completed Year 12 HSC at Sefton High School 2011
2 Unit Advanced Mathematics: 99/100 
Mathematics Extension 1: 47/50 
ATAR: 99.00

"Focus Tuition (Jimmy) was an extremely beneficial asset to my high schooling years, especially my HSC year. Mathematics (2, 3 and 4 Unit) is a subject which requires weekly (atleast) dedication and I needed a method which would force me to put in those extra hours every week. Jimmy's knowledge-packed lessons were perfect as they provided me with the means and motivation to do maths.  One of the more noticeable benefits was that I could recite most, if not all, of the formulas we were exposed to. When I first started in late year 11, I didn't know the formula for the volume of a cone, even though we had learnt it at school already. Before I knew it, I'd memorised every formula that Jimmy taught us without even meaning to! (Just says something about the sheer amount of homework he left in that hellish year) Also, I learnt about 100 new things every lesson, even topics we'd already covered in school - Focus was basically a substitute for my less-than-enriching maths classes with my less-than-competent maths teacher. I found I could easily solve standard textbook questions and apply Jimmy's tips and tricks (such as his famous advice "Always use earlier parts") to every topic. I learnt to attack questions from different angles and I developed the ability to think laterally - things you never get taught at school. I went from being an average-or-so student to one of the top students in the grade, topping a few assessments every so often. The next thing I knew, Year 12 flashed before my eyes and I ended up with 99/100 for Mathematics (2U) and 47/50 for Mathematics Extension 1 (3U) with a final ATAR of 99.00. Mathematics (2Unit) was what dragged me up the most, and I certainly couldn't have done it without Jimmy's professional guidance and his secret stash of 100000 past papers containing extremely difficult questions!"

In 2012, Shao Ning successfully enrolled in Bachelor of Pharmacy @ University of Sydney


- Shao Ning Zhang

Completed Year 12 HSC at Canley Vale High School 2011
Mathematics Extension 1: 96/100 
Mathematics Extension 2: 94/100 
ATAR: 98.95

"Focus College has undoubtedly helped me establish a strong understanding in mathematics. Before knowing about Focus College, my mathematics was weak with a 2U level of mathematics being a recommended study for me in the senior years. However, upon coming to this centre, Jimmy's dedication in teaching and helping me in mathematics have enabled me to not only achieve a strong foundation in 2U but also allowed me to study Extension 1 & 2 mathematics in school.

In Jimmy's classes, his unique teaching style sets up a challenging and studious learning environment, delivering the concepts explained in an easy to understand manner. In addition to this, Jimmy provided many worksheets with which some have been carefully handpicked, exposing me to many different questions which greatly helped in preparing for my exams.

Overall, Jimmy's willingness to help his students to succeed and dedicated approach to teaching plays an important role into the results I have achieved. I'd like to thank Jimmy for this and would recommend Focus College to people who are keen in excelling in mathematics."

In 2012, Richard successfully enrolled in Bachelor of Commerce & Science (Advanced Mathematics) @ University of New South Wales


- Richard Luu

Completed Year 12 HSC at Canley Vale High School 2011
Mathematics Extension 1: 97/100 
Mathematics Extension 2: 94/100 
ATAR: 98.20

"Focus College provided me with an exceptional foundation to advance through Senior Mathematics (including Extension 1 & 2). Jimmy (from Focus College) was inspirational in his delivery of lessons which translated in an increase to my motivation to study Mathematics; I saw steady improvements with my understanding of Mathematics; my marks previously averaging at 80% improved to near (if not) perfect marks.

In a friendly and studious environment, every concept and idea conveyed was clear. With a vast array of appropriate material ready at hand, homework set by Jimmy allowed me to train and develop the skills required. Well prepared for exams in the far future, I always found myself excited to confront exam questions that we undoubtedly have already covered in one way or another.

I would like to thank Jimmy for not only his time and effort preparing his lessons thoroughly but for those times when I could not find transportation; despite Jimmy's busy schedule, he often offered to drive me to and from the centre which came as a big help to my parents and me.  I will be forever indebted to Jimmy and Focus College, and wish my peers a bright future ahead."

In 2012, Peter successfully enrolled in Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Master) @ University of NSW


- Peter Ho

Completed Year 12 HSC at Sefton High School 2011
Mathematics Extension 1: 98/100 
Mathematics Extension 2: 94/100 
ATAR: 98.10


"Focus College has taught me unique yet effective methods on how to answer questions. These techniques differ greatly to those learnt by my friends which give me an edge in the HSC. The tutor, Jimmy, also gives us a break from tutoring during the HSC time, allowing us to study for other subjects and maintaining a balance. He is also very realistic and does not apply pressure to his students to achieve ridiculous results but supportive of his students to achieve their best. Jimmy also provides various HSC questions from different past papers, broadening my knowledge and allowing me to tackle any question with ease and without panic. Jimmy also encourages his students to ask questions regarding maths. By doing so, he has improved our confidence and broadens our understanding.

Focus College is also effective when tutoring junior years of high school (i.e. year 7-10). Before going to Focus College, my maths level was sub-par, putting me in the lowest or second lowest classes. After enrolling to Focus College, I jumped to the highest class and achieved the highest mark once in a half-yearly test, much to everyone's surprise. Not only that, these high marks continued while I was taught by Jimmy.
Focus College is an effective tutoring centre that I recommend to everyone. I would also like to thank Jimmy for his patience and his teachings which allowed all of his students to achieve their best."

In 2012, Alex successfully enrolled in Bachelor of Mining Engineering @ University of NSW


- Alex Ong

Completed Year 12 HSC at Sydney Boys High School 2011
Mathematics Extension 1: 96/100 
Mathematics Extension 2: 94/100 
ATAR: 97.95

"Focus College has helped me throughout the toughest year of my life. It was very comforting knowing someone was there to pull my socks up.

HSC Maths (2, 3 and especially 4 unit) requires a high level of thought in logic and reasoning which is hard to nurture without tutoring. During Year 10, I sat in the lowest Maths class at school and ranked in the bottom 10% of the grade. This was when I felt I needed extra help, and Focus College quickly became the answer. By the half-yearly exams of Year 11, I ranked 7th in my grade for 2/3Unit Maths. I soon came to love Maths and would even try to solve problems in my spare time after lessons. The feeling of finishing a tough question completely on your own or arriving at the correct result after a page-long proof is like no other.

When I didn't understand something, Jimmy always had the answer and the best method in achieving that answer. Every question, especially in 4 Unit Maths, is approachable in a whole heap of ways and can be solved via several methods. At Focus, Jimmy always provided the best method, then discussed the strengths and weaknesses of other methods to justify why his was the best. A lot of tutors and teachers explain things way too thoroughly and intensely that the student ends up even more confused. Unlike them, Jimmy's style of teaching is very straight-forward and excludes the unnecessary parts which would otherwise cloud one's understanding. This was what permanently placed me a step ahead of what was being taught at school.

I'd like to thank Jimmy and Focus College for helping me receive top bands in HSC Maths(96/100 in Extension 1 and 93/100 in Extension 2). I would have no hesitation in recommending Focus College to any student."

In 2012, Peter successfully enrolled in Bachelor of Engineering & Commerce @ University of NSW

- Peter Lam

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